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Medianeras (Sidewalls)
5 Sep 2012


image: film poster

Whereas most romantic films begin with the first encounter between the couple, Gustavo Taretto's "Medianeras" builds to the moment its central characters meet. In the interim, Taretto's charming debut spends its time getting to know these two lonely souls, revealing through their isolation and anxieties the all-too-familiar feelings that define modern life. Ably expanded to feature length from an earlier, nearly identical short, the Buenos Aires-set love story is unique to the Argentine capital, yet universal in theme. As such, international audience will swoon for this "Manhattan"-like homage to the challenges of big-city connection.


And who can blame them? As Martin notes in his opening narration, Buenos Aires is a crowded honeycomb of mismatched skyscrapers, its uneven hide disfigured by billboards and choked by power lines -- observations supported by an energetically edited flurry of visual evidence that, despite its downer sentiments, clearly appreciates the perverse beauty of it all. Martin holds architects accountable, and though the living quarters may be tiny and dehumanizing, the crowd outside one's front door is intimidating enough to render a normal person agoraphobic. And so he sits at his computer, conducting life via the Internet.

Instead of a Birthday (A meeting of friends of Theo Aggelopoulos)
21 Apr 2012


ιmage: screenshot from Theo’s Aggelopoulos movie


To Board of the Hellenic Film Academy, the  non-profit organization “Representation” and the Benaki Museum invite you to celebrate the memory of Theo Aggelopoulos on Friday the 27th of April  27, 2012 at 19:30 in the Benaki Museum,


Benaki museum,  Piraeus 138 and Andronicou, tel: 210 3253111

Schadenfreude (delight in someone else’s misfortune)
29 Mar 2012

image: invitation


The word Schadenfreude (/ˈʃɑːdənfrɔɪdə/) is a German word used in English and some other languages to describe the delight in someone else’s misfortune. English words synonymous with Schadenfreude have been derived from the Greek word “epichairekakia”. In his work “Nicomachean  Ethics”, Aristotle used the term, as part of a triad of terms  meaning a painful response to any good fortune whether deserved or not, and nemesis, a painful response to another’s undeserved good fortune. So the” epichairekakos” person actually takes pleasure in another’s misfortune.


Some people feel sympathetic joy whilst pitying them and is overwhelmed by a feeling of relief and happiness not  to be in someone else’s shoes. Experiencing happiness amidst the sorrow and plight of another is questionable. The artists participating in the exhibition visualise a subjective manual by looking at every day habits. Thus, they produce imagery that probes the irrational corners of Schadenfreude.


Curators: Nina Komanidou, Elefteria Alexandri


Eleftheria Alexandri, Kelly Arnaoutaki, Anna Giarmeniti, Yannis Dragasakis, Antonis Kosmadakis, Nina Kotamanidou, Chrysa Lambrakopoulou, Elias Malassidis, Adonis Migkos, Fryni Mouzakitou, Antonis Papadopoulos, Dida Papalexandrou, Michail Parlamas, Eri Skyrgianni, Olympia Toptsidou, G.m. Touliatou.


Opening: Friday 30.3.2012

Duration: 30.3- 20.4.2012


CAMP (Contemporary Art Meeting Point), 4 Efpolidos & 2 Apellou Street, Kotzia Square, 105 51 Athens, Greece, tel: (+30) 210 3247679

The "Cockroach"
23 Mar 2012

image: poster of play


Τhe play presents the adventures of a little cockroach to win a lifetime goal  to climb to the moon. The cockroach wanders around inhospitable sewers, crosses oceans, dances and encounters other insects, rodents and humans, while maintaining its faith to realise the big dream.


The “Cockroach”, went up in 2005 and since then it has been presented in many cities around Greece and Cyprus.This time, a new version of the play is presented where the bodies of the actors and the minimal sets are the only tools.


Director & Music: Kostas Gakis
Set design & Costumes: Angelina Paraskevaides
Lighting: Katerina Maragoudaki
Cast: Kostas Gakis, Dimitris Makalias

Athens Theatre, Bukurestiou 10, (tel.: 210 3312343)
Days of Performances: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (21:15)
Tickets: € 18 & € 15  students
Duration: 90 minutes

"Shame" by Steve McQueen
19 Mar 2012

image: film poster

"Shame", directed by Steve McQueen, is a film about the need, pain, desire, dependence and alienation of man in the modern way of life in the big cities. Without shame and without equivocation or beautification, the viewer depending on his culture either dismisses the film as voyeuristic, or discovers essential messages about modern relationships, experiences and choices that stigmatize us.


The film was presented in the 2011 Venice Film Festival where it won the awards for “Best Film” and “Best Actor” from the International Critics Association. The direction and editing is creative and the beautiful photography highlights the melancholic side of New York City.


Production year: 2011

Countries: UK, USA

Cert (UK): 18

Runtime: 99 mins

Director: Steve McQueen

Cast: Carey Mulligan, James Badge Dale, Michael Fassbender

Things (19.03 – 6.05.2012)
13 Mar 2012

image: exhibition invitation

The exhibition explores the imaginative and inventive properties of the things that surround us. Inanimate things come alive, act voluntarily and invade our space, bringing forth the poetic dimensions of the everyday life.

Participating Artists: Fernanda Almeida,  Rodrigo Carvalho, Carlos Castro, Briony Clarke, Sebastian Contreras, Derek Fenix, Silvio Giordano, Jeremy Hutchison, YiannisTheodoropoulos, Μaria- Anna Kolliri, Laura Kikauka, Iliodora Margelou, Costas Daflos, Miguel Neto, Dafne Polizou, Jordi Planas, Lucia Quevedo, Michael Schultz, Jan Svankmajer, Ur5o



Hours: Mon-Thu 11.30-23.00, Fri-Sat 11.30-24.00


Opening: Monday 19.03.12, 20.30

taf , Normanou 5, 105 55, Monastiraki, Athens

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