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Architecture and the anatomy of the human body share common innate physical properties, where the skin relates to the facade and the bones to the structural framework of a building. Beyond this metaphorical concept, the human body is at the centre of our understanding of form, space, volume, proportion and spatial awareness. When the different levels of the sensory systems of the human body, such as vision, touch, hearing, smell and taste, are becoming the 4th dimension of architecture, then form follows senses before it follows function.

Pieris Architects incorporated in 2003, is engaged in a wide variety of creative projects of different programs and scales finely tuned in their urban, natural and cultural contexts. All projects are tackled through a strong social and political agenda with a playful, witty and sincere approach where sustainability is vital and part of the delight of the design process. The practice gives emphasis in architectural theory and research and is strongly characterized by the diversity and uniqueness of each project where continuity is demonstrated through the philosophical consistency of the work.
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