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14 May 2013 : Panem et Circenses ( Bread & Circuses )
14 Mai 2013, Fresh Hotel, Sofocleous 26, Athens

24 May 2012 : Rus in Urbe: Commemorating Place & Culture through an adaptive architectural ecology
Raya Horizon Builders (Raya HB) - International Center of Urbanization and Architecture Studies, Mashhad, Iran

10 Nov 2011 : Coastline Design
World Congress on Sustainable Technologies, Thistle Hotel Conference Hall, Bath Road, Longford, London, U.K

19 Apr 2011 : Genius Loci: The Essence of Architecture
Florida Atlantic University, FAU School of Architecture,HEC Building, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A

2 Feb 2011 : Enhancing Sustainability in Hotels: Evaluation & Optimization of Circulation Networks
International Tourism Symposium, Megaron International Conference Centre, Vassilisis Sofias & Kokkali Street, Athens, Greece

10 Dec 2010 : Tourism Development with Low Energy and Small CO2 Footprint
6th National Conference of Holistic and Sustainable Architecture, Lucy Hotel & Conference Hall, 10 Voudouri Avenue, Halkida, Greece

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