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Constantinos Pieris has been involved in the financial and contractual management of Pieris Architects since 2003 and is responsible for the business development in Greece and internationally. Alongside, he is the director and founding partner of K.P.S Pieri and S& P Pieris Development in Greece and Cyprus respectively.

Constantinos Pieris was born in Cyprus and completed his architectural studies at the National Technical University of Athens in 1970. He started his professional career as a partner joining one of the most well established architectural practices in Cyprus and establishing "Stavrinides-Pieris & Associates". They have worked on a number of high profile projects such as the "Zefiros" Hotel, the "Olive Tree Shadows Inn" and the "Athanasiades Hotel apartments". They were also the consultants and the exclusive architects of the Cypriot Telecommunication Authorities (CYTA) and the building facilities of the hippodrome. The political events in Cyprus in 1974, forced them to close down the practice and Constantinos Pieris pursued a master's degree in Oxford before moving to Greece the following year. In 1976 he established a new architecture firm and a development company. In 1993 he was awarded the First Prize for winning the competition of the Aquatic Centre in Evelpidon Military School and in 1997 he was included in the "Creation" list as one of the most successful Cypriot professionals in Greece. Constantinos Pieris has designed and constructed with committed to excellence over one hundred residential, office and retail projects.
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