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Stella Pieri is a partner at Pieris Architects since 2004 and one of the project and design managers. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from the University of Bath and completed her postgraduate studies and her M.Arch with Distinction at the University of Sheffield in 2001, where she was awarded the Stephen Welsh Prize for “Excellence in Design” and was nominated for the RIBA President Medals.

Stella holds a PhD from the National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.), where she teaches “Design”, “Construction Detailing” and “Technical Drawing”. She has been an invited lecturer at several International Conferences, as well as Universities. Her research focus is “Sustainable Design and Carbon Footprint Reduction in Buildings”.

Prior to working at Pieris Architects, she has worked at the practices of Kyriakos Kyriakidis and Alexandros Tombazis. She is a member of the registered architect's board of Greece (TEE) and Cyprus (ETEK).

Stella brings technical expertise from her background in engineering as well as architecture reflected on projects of all scales from complex building schemes to fine interior detailing. She also coordinates the competition’s group in the office and is effective in developing innovative concepts within budgetary and technical constraints.

Author of numerous papers and reviewer in several international scientific journals such as:
Elsevier, Energy & Buildings (ENB),
Journal of Frontiers in Construction Engineering (FCE),
Environmental Engineering & Management Journal.

Elected Judge for competitions organized by:
The Center of Renewable Energy Resources,
Hellenic Ministry of Energy and Climate Change,
The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design

She was also one of the key people who orchestrated in November 2009 the exhibition "Architecture Act-In" which was Pieris Architects first monographic exhibition.

Colin Fournier, professor of Architecture and Urbanism in UCL referring to the exhibition wrote: "It is a fascinating how two young architects are achieving a radical mutation in the practice of architecture. They go far beyond the usual limitations of architectural discourse; their projects are playful, witty and very sensual. They are poetic and they have style. This work has international significance and is a very positive symptom of a paradigmatic shift in professional practice."
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